our vision

  • Help people earn rewards while they also enhance their dressing style.

  • Offer quality products with great designs at affordable prices for everyone.

  • Present a remarkable combination of in-house brands as well as carefully curated fashion apparels

  • Create a community of happy customers instead of just focusing on marketing and advertising.

  • Share all rewards with our customers for sharing our products with their community of friends and family.

  • Building up a unique Reward program that blends monetary gains with fashion experience.

our work approach

Social Sellers who use the Asort platform to make purchases get an opportunity to refer products to friends & family, and then also get rewarded for every transaction.

  • All products offered here reflect high-quality production, the latest fashion styles and a wide variety of designs at affordable prices.

  • Shop for your style, then share it with others and build fashion communities in all corners of the world.

  • The Asort team has a passion for attaining perfection – be it in the unique fashion trends offered or in the levels of rewards to bring smiles to as many customers as possible.

our values


Our integrity in our work methodology has helped us create a strong system where growth & prosperity of each member of the community is valued more than anything else.


The humility with which each team member works here leads to a commitment to focus on the community as a whole.

customer happiness

We value customer happiness the most and have worked towards creating systems where each customer stands to gain in some manner with every sale that is made either directly by him or by anybody in his community.

care for animals

We neither sell nor encourage the marketing of any animal products